They put you in a facility and ran all sorts of experiments because you can control time. Now you are stuck in a time loop!

Ludum Dare 47

Chronolooper was developed using Godot Engine for Ludum Dare 47, a 72h jam. The theme was Stuck in a loop.

The game has been developed by David Saltares and Jay Cano and is distributed as open source under the MIT license.

Music credits:

  • Going Nowhere – (c) 2020 Jay Cano. More music on SoundCloud

Install instructions

  • Windows: unzip the package and run the .exe.
  • Linux: make sure to give +x permissions to the executable.
  • Mac: run the .dmg file. You may have to go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy and allow the app to run.


Download 29 MB
Version 67 Oct 05, 2020
Download 27 MB
Version 66 Oct 05, 2020
Download 29 MB
Version 67 Oct 05, 2020

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